Welcome to Lefkada island, one of the largest islands in Greece and the Ionian. A magnificent island famous worldwide for the its rich historical monuments and its beaches.

About Lefkada

Lefkada History

Over the centuries, passed from Lefkada Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines after the Franks and the Venetians, and somewhat more recently the French and English, to end integrating in 1864 with Greece.


Lefkada Culture

The island has the oldest (after the Corfu) Band of Greece (1850). The Association contributed to the development of music education and history Lefkadite brought this many times in important moments in Greece.


Lefkada Nature

Two spectacular waterfalls are formed in the canyon, one of the most important habitats of the island. Created by the waters of the homonymous stream, which stem from Vafkeri and were praised in the poems of Aristotle Valaoritis.


Lefkada Nightlife

The nightclubs are located mainly in the capital and as well in the most popular tourist resorts, Nidri and Vassiliki. There is no chance of getting disappointed by the nightlife in Lefkada!


Lefkada Gastronomy

The cuisine of Lefkada, is no different from the classic Mediterranean cuisine, but has some unique elements, the Venetian cuisine. So, you can sample a wide variety of seafood and meat dishes and delicious desserts.


Worth seeing

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