Two spectacular waterfalls are formed in the canyon, one of the most important habitats of the island. Created by the waters of the homonymous stream, which stem from Vafkeri and were praised in the poems of Aristotle Valaoritis.
The falls form a natural lake around impressive cliffs and caves. To reach the waterfalls you will follow the trail outside the village Dimosari.


Wild ducks, pelicans and herons living in the lagoon of Gira, while a road encircles it and is ideal for road trips, biking or walking.
The lagoon is divided in two by a water canal. In the western, smaller lagoon is the ivari, the farm of Lefkada, where fish are reared.

Around it are the famous beaches of Gira, Ag. Giannis, Mills, Castle and Ammoglossa.


You will see the four out of twelve windmills that are saved in Gyra.
Most of them have Russian names, like Orlov, Moskov, Metzikov etc.

Until the early 20th century were used for grinding large quantities of grain, which came mainly from Russia.


Bridges, mills, caves, trees, sources: Canyon of Melissa was once a place of lively and refreshing waters and streams functioning 64 mills!
Today only 6 of them are in order but the place is still alive thanks to walkers and nature lovers who visit it.
After walking the first 2 km you reach the area where the mills are concentrated. At this point the path splits into two new paths: one leads to Apetasti and the other to Kako Lagadi.