The island, due to its climate has a large production of high quality agricultural products: olive oil, citrus, honey, grapes and wines of exceptional quality.
The wine produced from the variety Berjami is considered on of the best in Greece. Besides the wine, you can try aromatic liqueurs such as rosoli, mint and rose, and the soft drink of bitter almonds, orgeat.


The cuisine of Lefkada, is no different from the classic Mediterranean cuisine, but has some unique elements, the Venetian cuisine. So, you can sample a wide variety of seafood and meat dishes and delicious desserts. In particular, try:

  • Sausages, very spicy.
  • Savoro: fish cooked with garlic, onion and rosemary.
  • Aliada, seafood dishes with fresh fish.
  • Sweet snacks: nougat and sesame.
  • Traditional oil pie.

The options in Lefkada are too many and you can find ouzo taverns, snack bars, taverns and luxurious restaurants.